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From: Uncle Roger <sinasohn_at_ricochet.net>
Date: Fri Jul 24 20:08:46 1998

At 02:47 PM 7/24/98 GMT, you wrote:
>>>From: Bill Kent <billakent_at_hotmail.com>

>>>My name is Bill Kent and I am working on a story for a major online
>>>publication. The focus is on users who use what others might consider
>>>"obsolete" technology. I would like to speak to a few users who use
>>>oder PCs (386 and below) for productivity apps. I'm talking about in
>>>business, education, or home. If you use them as servers or something
>>>else, that's super, I'd like to hear about it. I'm not interested in
>>>hobbyists who just enjoying hacking the machines. If it requires a
>>>soldering iron, it's too complex for this article.

Well, let's see. I use a Radio Shack model 100 (like many people) for
taking notes/writing away from home. Once I get my Starlet fixed, I'll be
doing the same with that (CP/M laptop, with Wordstar in ROM). I also have
an Outbound notebook (mac clone laptop ca. 1990) that I and my girlfriend

She (Rachel Grilley, <auntierae_at_california.com>) also uses older macs in
her classroom to teach her first graders reading, math, science, etc. They
range from plusses to IIci's.

My voicemail system is currently running on a 286/512K/40mb system, but is
about to be upgraded Real Soon Now to a shoebox-sized 386sx system I picked
up recently at a surplus place. (Same VM card/software, just different
computer -- actually can run on an 8088 even.)

I have an Atari Portfolio (8088, DOS, size of a video tape) that I carry
around for taking notes.

I also use my Atari ST's and Falcons for music sequencing/recording.
(Well, not as much as I like, but once I win the lottery...) I can also
put you in touch with a lot of people who are using their ST's a lot.

And lastly, my main machine is a 486 laptop, but I have written a DOS-based
application to manage the San Francisco Free List (see
<http://www.sinasohn.com/freelist/> for more info) including maintaining
the database of events, building daily and monthly web pages, and
generating weekly event listings. Eventually, I'll probably move that onto
a different DOS-based laptop so others can assist in maintaining the events

Anyway, feel free to drop me a note about any of the above (or anyhthing
else, for that matter).

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