Apple ][ file conversion

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Fri Jul 24 20:27:05 1998

< Can I make use of the Centronics interface?

Yes with any current printer just like a PC, though the connector may be

<What type of 'serial car' do you recommend?

Toyota, I've had good luck. Oh sorry, serial card, what ever you have or
can get. Jamco still sells apple][ cards and stuff.

< Can I use my Apple //c w/serial port but w/o CP/M?


< >Apple ][ disks don't use standard FM or MFM encoding, so Macs and PCs
< can't
< >read them. If you can find a serial car for the Apple, the easiest wa
< >would be to get a copy of Kermit-65 (for DOS 3.3 files) and/or Kermit8
< >(for CP/M) and transfer the files over a serial link -- that's what I

or MDM, or one of a dozen others for each OS.

< >Kermit-65 comes with instructions on how to get it into an Apple that
< >doesn't already have any kind of file transfer software, and IIRC
< Kermit80
< >has some similar instructions. You can get Kermit by anonymous ftp
< from
< >, or, or from any of
< >several mirror sites.

Kermit is well known and supported by most PC transfer programs.

Max, get an editor. Either that or don't use LYNX for mail, try elm or

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