IBM Power supplies FS (5140?)

From: Tom Owad <>
Date: Fri Jul 24 20:41:26 1998

Hi guys,
   I just picked up a bunch of IBM power supplies at auction. The
auctioneer says they're for the 5140, but I don't know how you could tell.

   They're all appear to be brand new and are in the original boxes. The
box is labeled "P/N 2684220", the Power supply "P/N 2684292". Output is
15v, 2.7A.

Anybody know what they're for? And if anybody wants one, the price is $5
shipped, each.

Tom Owad

Sysop of Caesarville Online
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Received on Fri Jul 24 1998 - 20:41:26 BST

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