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From: Frank McConnell <>
Date: Fri Jul 24 21:41:55 1998

John Rollins <> wrote:
> Picked up a nice little HP Series 100 Model 120 45600A and a few hundred

It's sort of a successor to the 125 and predecessor to the 150. It's
an HP2382 "Shadow" terminal housing with a CP/M computer (I think a
Z80 but I can't recall for sure) inside.

The HP-IB port would be used to connect to an external disc drive,
just like on a 150 and using pretty much the same 91xx disc drives. I
think I remember using one with a 9121D? -- the one with two
single-sided stiffies.

I can't recall whether it will play terminal without CP/M. I do
remember that in order to get it to play block-mode capable terminal
(so it could be used with View aka V/3000 aka VPLUS/3000) it needed
to boot CP/M and run a program, and vaguely recall that it could be
a not-block-mode-capable terminal without that program (and maybe
without loading CP/M).

One other thing I recall about it is that it had a precursor to PAM
(Personal Application Manager -- a primitive shell/application
launcher that later turned up on the 150, 110, some HP9000s, and the
Vectra) that was autostarted by CP/M immediately following boot. It
used function keys to start the applications, so you could only have
seven or eight defined for it to start.

The RS232 ports are probably DB25S connectors and I think they look
like DTE -- similar pinout to an IBM PC async card with a DB25P.

-Frank McConnell
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