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From: Joe <>
Date: Sat Jul 25 00:44:01 1998

At 01:33 AM 7/25/98 +0100, you wrote:>> Are you kidding! It's an 8088!
It runs at 5 MHz MOL just like a PC.
>> Some 150 even had the optional 8087. The 150 was one of those ALMOST IBM
>There never was an HP 8087 card for the plain HP150, although HP do
>acknowledge that 3rd party one exist in the techref.

>There was an official HP 8087 card for the HP150-II. I have it. It's

   Do you want another one? I left one in a scrap yard yestrday. I have a
TS II but it's working fine and I didn't feel like hacking it up to add the

>strange. When you install it, you cut a jumper on the motherboard that
>disables the 8088. The add-on card contains a new 8088 configured in
>'maximum mode' (so the coprocessor interface signals are available), the
>8087 and enough glue logic to make it look like an 8088 in 'minimum mode'
>to the rest of the system.
>> PC compatibles. I have at least eight or nine of them and they're all
>It's hardly PC compatible.

   That's why I said "ALMOST IBM PC compatible"!!!!!!!!!!!!

 OK, it runs MS-DOS, and there's an 8088 in
>there, but the video system is totally different, as is the serial system
>(the HP150 uses an NEC 7201 chip), the disk controller (disk drives are
>interfaced using the HPIB port),

   Yes and the disks aren't in a MS_DOS format unless you added a 9127 drive.

etc. Any application that hits the
>hardware (or even the BIOS?) won't run on the HP150.

  Unless you get the TSR that emulates the PC BIOS. It doesn't fix all the
gotchas but it helps.
>I prefer to call it (and the Apricot, Sirius, Sanyo MBC555, etc) an IBM
>Incompatible. Meaning a machine that runs MS-DOS, but sure as hell
>doesn't run much PC software.

   Sure it will IF you buy it from HP! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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