Apple ][ file conversion

From: Max Eskin <>
Date: Sat Jul 25 09:03:50 1998

>Yes with any current printer just like a PC, though the connector may
>be different.

What I mean is, can I transfer files to a PC via the Centronics
interface? Can I 'print' a file in wordstar with the other end of the
cable plugged into a null modem?

Will an apple //c read CP/M disks? How?

I can't use an editor because it would take me forever to cut and paste
the lines between them. You don't realize how limiting the situation
really is. The library never intended this to be used for e-mail. Right
now I'm using Netscape 4 on a T1 connection at a place where I

>Max, get an editor. Either that or don't use LYNX for mail, try elm
>or pine.

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