Sun-1 Tape Drive Problems

From: Karl Maftoum <>
Date: Sat Jul 25 13:23:22 1998


I have what could be called a classic machine, a Sun-1 (With a Sun-2
upgrade 68010 board) Now I have 1/2 and 1/4 inch tape drives 2 hard drives
loads of tapes/manuals and a SunOS 3.2 boot tape set. This machine was
only recently taken out of service after it spend some years converting
old 1/2" tapes into a more permanent format. The HDD's are unfortunatly
dying and I've only had it booted once, and it booted SunOS 3.2. The
problem is the old machine refuses to boot of it's tape drive (an archive
QIC-11 drive) typing:

> b ar()

simply gets

ar: 96A0 Error
ar: 90C8 Error


Network booting is possible, but Sun never released the specs to the "nd"
network protocol and I don't have access to another SunOS box to try and
work out how ndbootd works.

I'd love to get this machine working and up on the net.

Any help would be appreciated



Karl Maftoum
Computer Engineering student at the University of Canberra, Australia

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