ID cute HP terminal

From: Frank McConnell <>
Date: Sat Jul 25 12:56:56 1998

Joe <> wrote (after John Rollins):
> >Picked up a nice little HP Series 100 Model 120 45600A and a few hundred

> You were lucky! Most people got stuck with a chicklet keyboard on those.
> You still see ads occasionally for people looking for standard keyboards.

"Chicklet" keyboard? What I've seen are two sizes of keyboard: one
not much wider than the terminal housing that has the QWERTY key
cluster with some function keys at the top and some compressed and
doubled-up keys, and one wide keyboard with the numeric keypad off to
the right.

The narrow keyboard is a bit of a pain to work with because of the
compromises made w/r/t key placement (e.g. the return key is
relatively small), but it's usable and has full-travel keys just like
the wide one.

-Frank McConnell
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