Epson QX-10, CP/M

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> No, it's a true voice coil (I have a schematic in front of me). There's a
> Voice Coil Motor (VCM) that consists of a driving voice coil, a velocity
> feedback coil and 3 photodetectors : track 0, and a pair of position
> error signals.
Snipped of it's juicy interesting! Now I see what
you meant.

Suppose, you have a floppy disk completely blank no tracks, just
spanking new one and try to format that in this?
I wondered how it knows it's right distrances between tracks and so

> It certainly isn't a linear stepper.


> The same drives IIRC are used in the TF20 floppy drive for the HX20, BTW.

Whatever, I have not seen anything like this drive in my experience.
What machines did use these type with that neat voice-coil head
positioner? I find this voice-coil idea very reliable than stepper

Jason D.

> -tony
Jason D.
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