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From: Jim <jim_at_calico.litterbox.com>
Date: Sat Jul 25 18:25:19 1998

I just got an Amstrad ppc 640, and am starting to realise how much I really
wish this thing had a hard disk - even a little one. Is there ANY sort of
hard disk solution that will plug into a 720k 3.5inch floppy controller?

Ideally it would come out the other end in IDE, and I could put one of those
little 1.8 inch 20 meg IDE drives in the thing. Speed is not a huge concern,
since this is a 4.77mhz XT class machine.

Also, if anyone has a wrecked ppc 512 or 640 that has a good back case section-
the bottom part of the main body that the handle is screwed to (and the handle)
I'd be very interested in buying it. Mine appears to have gotten squooshed in
shipping and had the handle torn off, and I'm lothe to trust epoxied plastic
to hold a 14+ pound computer.
Jim Strickland
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