Cleaning circuits

From: Max Eskin <>
Date: Sat Jul 25 20:06:37 1998

A few questions about clean(ing) circuits:
a)Can dust cause any damage to a PCB? Can it short anything?
b)What do you recommend for cleaning out PCBs if there's lot of it,
  or spiderwebs, mold whatever?
c)Does distilled water cause rust?
d)Can distilled water be used to clean circuits?
e)As I understand, tap/spring/rain/etc. water is full of minerals
  and that's why it's conductive as well as rust-causing
f)A while ago, I picked up a bunch of 5.25" diskettes, which I hardly
  allowed to dry before I put them into the plastic box. Now I
  looked inside, and mold is spreading from the Microsoft Assembler
  diskettes onto the Apple II ones. What is safe to use to clean
  the mold (it's reeely disgusting!)?

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