Cleaning circuits

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Sat Jul 25 22:34:56 1998

< A few questions about clean(ing) circuits:
< a)Can dust cause any damage to a PCB? Can it short anything?

Yes, it can be conductive, block cooling and host molds and fungi.

< b)What do you recommend for cleaning out PCBs if there's lot of it,
< or spiderwebs, mold whatever?

Vacuum with a conductive (carbon/plastic fiber) brush.

< c)Does distilled water cause rust?

Rust is the product of oxidation. Air is the culprit. Water _may_
instigate electrolisys if not fully dried and power is appiled.

< d)Can distilled water be used to clean circuits?


< e)As I understand, tap/spring/rain/etc. water is full of minerals
< and that's why it's conductive as well as rust-causing

Not enough to be a significant problem if it's dried. I have been known
to put grungy boards in the dishwasher. Works very well. The board must
be completely dried (160-180F overn works well).

< f)A while ago, I picked up a bunch of 5.25" diskettes, which I hardly
< allowed to dry before I put them into the plastic box. Now I
< looked inside, and mold is spreading from the Microsoft Assembler
< diskettes onto the Apple II ones. What is safe to use to clean
< the mold (it's reeely disgusting!)?

Dish soap and water.

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