a whatsits: Grid 1535 EXP

From: Russ Miller <russmiller_at_jps.net>
Date: Sun Jul 26 02:35:50 1998

I picked up a Grid wall adapter model 39008, 17VDC 1.25A center +,
available for shipping cost if anybody needs it.(Sacramento CA area) I
don't know what it fits.


At 09:55 AM 7/25/98 -0400, you wrote:
>At 11:16 PM 7/23/98 -0500, Doug Yowza wrote:
>>Wow, it sounds like somebody just lost their GRiD-virginity. John H. took
>>my 1535EXP, so I have to go from memory. It's a 386DX-33 (in a PGA, so
>Yes, I actually flew across the country, broke into his house, grabbed the
>mag-alloy 1535 out of his hands, repeatedly beat him over the head with it,
>and took off. Doug, you're lucky to be alive after all that. :) Maybe
>that's why I'm having problems with the sucker!
>>you can upgrade it via Cyrix/TI/etc) with up to 8MB RAM (low-profile
>>SIPs). I think it wants 16-18V DC, center neg. The empty hole will
>>accomidate eithe battery or a power supply with an AC plug.
>Yep, that sounds about right. It uses the same power brick my GRiDPad 1912
>uses. BTW, if anyone needs a keyboard adapter cable for their GRiDPad, let
>me know. I have 5 extras.
>>The connector on the bottom of the machine plugs into a docking tray,
>>which John H. also took and I think was trying to sell last time I
>>checked. (John, are you there?)
>I'd rather trade it to someone who can really use it. Even if it works, I
>don't really have a use for it, and the 1535 w/8mb is a very usable machine
>even without the tray.
>GRiD 1535 BIOS Date: 1989, slightly under the 10 year mark, but these are
>such extrordinary machines!
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