Zenith ZWS 248's FS or trade

From: Russ Blakeman <rhblake_at_bbtel.com>
Date: Sun Jul 26 12:29:51 1998

Ok, this is a repost since the original responder had to back out for
whatever reason...

     I have some excess Zenith Z248 equipment to get out of my way and
would prefer a trade of other equipment for

     I have two ZDS ZWS 248's, these are the planar units that the
286-12 processor board plugs into. Complete
     main units with the planar board, power supply, cpu board, I/O
board HDD/floppy controller (MFM), MDA
     video card, drive bay inserts, etc. You need to add drives and it
will take any drive from 360k to 1.44m. It takes
     all sorts of MFM hard drives as well and can probably accomodate an
SCSI or ESDI in place of the MFM
     controller which will allow larger drive types. 512k on the cpu
card. They have two open 5.25" bays, one has a
     filler that can be removed.
     There's also another identical unit without a power supply. It's a
case, planar board, drive bay inserts, 2 I/O
     boards. Mostly for parts or use to build up with parts you find

     I need $25 plus shipping for ALL THREE (as a package) or will trade
for something that I can use such as
     cdroms, hard drives, SIMMs, microchannel adapters,etc, etc, etc....
I would really like to get a couple 2X or
     higher SCSI cdrom drives, caddy type or tray load or larger SCSI
hard drives whether full, half, 5.25 or 3.5"...

     Drop me a line if interested. I also have two ZDS memory cards that
work on these to bring the 512k up past
     1024k that I would like $10 each or trade for. They are not open to
sale/trade until the other units are gone and
     the new owner decides they don't want them.

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