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Date: Sun Jul 26 17:25:32 1998

> Zane, is your record from Norlin Company? If so, it is the (quite
>rare) demo record that Norlin put out when they bought Moog music
>from Bob (Moog). I have archived several of these demos, Moog and
>ARP and Oberhiem. Be careful if you play it, they weren't on the
>best vinyl.

Thanks... I couldn't remember Bob's first name...

When I was at WPI in the mid-70s, I got a chance to work with the
Arp AX and Odyssey (and a few others for which I forget names) to
produce some music which was used in a theatrical production on
campus (Beltold Brecht's Gallileo)...

I loved getting chances to work on those things...

> ObCLASSICCMP: One of my intentions for at least one of my PDP11
>systems is to interface it to my Moog, and obtain an old copy of
>Csound or the like.. to recreate an exact environment from the
>'childhood' of electronic music.

About a decade ago, a few friends of mine and I played with some
pdp-11 controlled music generation. We got a bunch of the TI
sound generation controllers and one person (who was adept at
IC circuit design) designed us a circuit for controlling a set of
these units from a DR11C (16-bit parallel output).

I still have one prototyped at home... it allowed up to 9 voices
(three voices/chip, 3 chips) of sound, and 3 voices of percussion.

Someone else got ahold of the Stanford music software for the pdp-10
and wrote a pdp-11 version of it... we had it playing a bunch of
the old stanford songs, and I entered a few more (like Scott
Joplin's "Crush Collision Rag"). Since the hardware connected to the
AC lights of the -10 was called the MK10, we called our board the

Somewhere I have the schematic for it...

Later on, another friend (hi, Allison) designed a DLV11-J to MIDI
interface... I have a couple of Casio CT101 synthesizers and a

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