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From: John Lawson <>
Date: Sun Jul 26 20:27:24 1998

  I certainly do not want to propagate any more off-topic stuff, so
maybe e-mail would be mo bettah.

  Having said that: The Model III that I have was used primarily for
R2D2, some of the ancillary robot, droid and creature noises, and a
lot of the tracks for the Alien Roadhouse Band, etc., etc. Thus I
was told by the previous owner, and corroborated by one of the
editors who worked on the pic.

  Csound *is* in the digital domain, but it's output needs to be
made into a voltage somewhere; the early PDP11 versions used the
DACs of the day... in fact MUSIC IV was used entirely offline, one
coded the program, punched cards, waited until the (lowest-priority)
job was run [to tape], the the tape(s) were taken to another
facility to be rendered through DACs to am analog recording. *Then*
you debugged...

 Zane, I would like very much to have an (archival only, honest!) CD
copy of the Hyman recording.

  BACK ON TOPIC PART: I would love to locate some 70a vintage DACS,
prferably standalone boxes, or more DAC cards for my MINC. I am
trying to consolidate all the info/software/hardware I can around
the DEC Mini line and music. I have a wonderful picture of a PDP-5
system running a music notation and translation interface for MUSIC
IV at Bell Labs in the late 60s. It then sent code to an IBM 7094,
which output a tape to another machine, referred to only as a "PB
250 Computer" [Pitney Bowes?] [Packard Bell?] which acted as the
translator and DAC. I have soundsheets in the book of music
realized on this machine, and I'll put them up on my FTP site any
day now... (Thanks to Marvin, from whom I stole the book)

  Damn, drifting off topic again... sigh.

I guess I should output a list of my collection....

  Nah, too bleedin' hot right now.

  Cheers to all

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