Using IBM floppy-drive cable with Kaypro?

From: Marvin <>
Date: Sun Jul 26 21:26:22 1998

D. Peschel wrote:
> I've been tinkering with my Kaypro to try to eliminate the errors that
> drive B
> has been giving me. Putting in a new floppy drive didn't seem to fix
> them;

Have you tried swaping drive A and B to see if the "problem" drive
changes? As far as the IBM twisted cable is concerned, the connector
after the twist just changes the effect of the drive select line
jumper. Assuming the drives are both set at drive sel 1, the twist just
changes the drive sel 1 to drive sel 0 (i.e. the end is drive A and the
non-twisted part is drive B.) Also IDC connectors and ribbon cable are
readily available and it is not a problem to make up new cables
(although somewhat more expensive than the mass produced IBM cables.) I
have seen the drive select lines from the controller go bad although
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