Moog (on topic, too...)

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Sun Jul 26 00:35:03 1998

On 26 Jul 98 at 21:33, Allison J Parent wrote:

> < I still have one prototyped at home... it allowed up to 9 voices
> < (three voices/chip, 3 chips) of sound, and 3 voices of percussion.
> I happen to have the DEC internal card for the Q-bus Ey-0105E-ms-101
> (AKA Gigilo), uses two GI-AY-3-8912 sound chips. I also have some of the
> PDP-11 software to drive it.
> I don't have a schematic for it or the specs for the sound chips however I
> do have a few sources for the music play software (asm a upower pascal).
> I also have the honor of meeting Carlos in an old wherehouse and sound
> lab on Long Island back in 1973 when the company I was with was moving
> in to the facility. There was some amazing old junk left behind like
> old audio power amps with 807s and 813s... It was just down the block
> from SUNY farmingdale.
> Allison
 You mentioned Wendy (?) Carlos in a previous msg. Was this a slip or was
this the wife of the well-known synthesiser-master Walter Carlos who did
the sound-track for "Clock-Work Orange " ?
 Somewhat more back on topic , Megan let slip that you designed an interface
for the "Mark 11". Would it a major undertaking to build an A-D converter to
take the VCO off an analogue synth and convert it to MIDI or to sample or
record it ?
 And my ST is over 10 years old !! : ^ ))

ciao larry

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