NeXtStation TurboColor

From: Rob Deker <>
Date: Mon Jul 27 10:22:47 1998

On Sun, 26 Jul 1998, Anthony Eros wrote:

> I picked up a NeXtStation TurboColor box today at a hamfest. A kid had
> just bought 3 monitors, 4 boxes and a small stack of manuals and sold
> me the extra system box for $25. No memory or hard disk and (of course)
> no monitor, cable, keyboard, mouse or software.
> Does anyone have experience with these systems? Any tips on getting
> the pieces needed to get it running?
These are great boxes. For RAM they will use almost any 72pin SIMM (though
they have the ability to use double-sided SIMMS if you can find them...).

As far as the rest of the pieces go, try Deep Space Technologies
( Also, a local "surplus" place by me
usually has some NeXT bits (mice, keyboards, etc). Let me know if I can
help with anything.

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