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From: Joe <>
Date: Mon Jul 27 11:39:32 1998

At 11:42 AM 7/27/98 +1, you wrote:
>BTW: I'm looking for a set of System Disks for the 150.

   Which system? 2.01 or 3.2? I have both. I *think* either one will
run on either the original 150 or the TS II. I have a device driver that
will run on the PC and let you read and write the HP 9121/9122/9123 disks.
I can E-mail it to you and then zip the system disks and E-mail them to
you. BTW the 9121 and 9122/9123 disk formats are different and you have to
load the proper driver to match the drive that you have.

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