Zenith Data Systems laptop

From: Tom Owad <tomowad_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Mon Jul 27 15:58:59 1998

   Just purchased three Zenith Data Systems laptops at a Hamfest - my
first IBM-compatible computers, believe it or not (always focused on the
Apples & under-the-TV 8-bit systems).

   Needless to say, I don't know a thing about them. There are no power
adapters. I have a 12v 300 mA adapter. Will that work with them? I
hooked it up to all three systems - 2 of them didn't do a thing. The
third "spins" up and I can hear a very faint wining noise from inside.
The monitor, however, shows nothing (could this be due to too little
amperage?). The computer gives a three-tone beep every 15 seconds or so
(estimate) and beeps whenever I press a key.

   Anybody have any suggestions? Like I said, I don't anything about
these, so any advice would be appreciated.


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