Weekend Finds

From: Larry Anderson <foxnhare_at_goldrush.com>
Date: Mon Jul 27 22:46:28 1998

Having a bit of cabin fever Sunday I convinced my wife (well, not really...
she likes foraging as much as I) to go thrifing. First stop in Stockton was
the the college parking-lot flea market (never know what you're going to find
there.) I was almost empty-handed when I found a a bin of 16 Atari Carts
(actually 15 I later discovered as one was missing the guts) paid $5.00 for
the lot. Included were few standards such as BASIC, Star Raiders, Defender,
and Asteroids but also Atari Assembler, a Dealer Demo Cart, a couple word
processors, an "educational system master cart" (networking??? Pilot?) etc.
Pretty good find. Still need to test em.

  Another item, an facinating BASIC book, "Elementary BASIC", a BASIC
instructional guide using the Sherlock Holmes character (from the texts of
Dr.Watson), in it Sherlock Holmes solves a few cases with programs ran on
Babbage's Analytical Engine ('translated' to BASIC by the authors). Pretty off-beat.

  The last stop was to our favorite thrift store which did well by us again, I
picked up an Apple IIc (sans power supply) for $3.98, and a really nifty item,
a Sharp PC1501 Pocket calculator w/printer/cassette module (CE-150) in its
carrying case with some cables (no ps for these either) for $4.92! Tested the
handheld, it works, even though the batteries I removed were drippy; the
expansion unit I have yet to get working (not enough power from the adapter I
guess??) There is also a cassette tape in there, will be fun to check that
out. The Apple will have to wait till I find a PS unit, since it is my first
8-bit apple unit. I have little for it but the computer, a users guide and a
few loose disks picked up here and there. I figure I'll collect some of the
games I thought were cool for it and maybe a gizmo or two. Ahhh Another
beginning, will be fun to discover a tidbit here and there, as finding the
Commodore oddities are getting harder to locate.
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