The Moog

From: Scott Walde <>
Date: Wed Jul 29 00:27:49 1998

On Tue, 28 Jul 1998, Shawn Rutledge wrote:

> How do you plan to digitize the recordings in the first place? I'd like
> to do that too, but soundcards are pretty lousy recording devices. I figure
> it's a fundamental problem to have audio equipment sitting on a computer
> bus. I'd really like to see an affordable external D/A/D box.

I seem to recall seeing a digital input (optical?) on a SoundBlaster64
(probably with some suffix) recently. If this is the case, you could send
the audio into the analogue inputs of your DAT recorder (You do have one
of those, don't you?) put the recorder in pause/record, and take the
digital output of the DAT to the digital input of the SoundBlaster.

You could use an external A/D box, but I expect they would cost as much as
a DAT as they tend to be very high quality.

Alternately, you could use a professional-grade sound card such as Digital
Audio Labs' CardD. (But these aren't cheap either... unless they've gone
way down. The last one I sold was about $1000CDN.)

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