From: Rax <rax_at_warbaby.com>
Date: Wed Jul 29 05:44:10 1998

Doug wrote:

>I did a little junk surfing at lunch today. I came home with an HP9815A,
>which is pretty cool, but it was generally a frustrating experience. I
>kept finding parts of cool systems, but not the systems themselves!

This is a tried and true technique (for me, anyway) for getting stuff you
want. Those teaser bits are what I call *bait*. I like to think that buying
part of something acts as bait for the rest of it. Frinstance, before I had
a Kaypro, I found a padded blue nylon cover for one at a garage sale for
two bucks. Of course, I bought it. Sure enough, a few weeks later a Kaypro
turned up at another garage sale. Maybe this is too metaphysical for common
sense, but it works for me. On the practical side, buying part of something
means that you can take advantage of a cheap price when you find the rest
of it that's missing the bit you have.

Of course, it requires a lot of storage space for all the useless junk you
think might come in handy someday...


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