Followup on the new Imsai

From: Dellett, Anthony <>
Date: Tue Jul 28 21:31:21 1998

Well, I finally got it.

Took it apart and found that whomever owned it previously already
mounted a power switch in the back and runs all the AC voltage thru

There is alot of corrosion on the ICs in the front panel, I'm going to
need to spend some time cleaning everything up there.

One switch and two switch covers are broken but those are easy to

Four of the 100 pin card edge connectors need to be replaced (two are
just way too loose and corroded, the others are broken).

Everything else seems to be fine (the power supply is okay and supplying
the proper voltages).

Now all I gotta do is order all these parts and enough S-100 cards to
complete a CP/M system and I'm all set.

Wish me luck!

Tony Dellett
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