From: Salzman, Jeff <jsalzman_at_hersheys.com>
Date: Wed Jul 29 11:44:53 1998

My teasers cost me more money in the long run. I keep looking for
something in great condition and end up spending a little extra for the
first one I find in any condition for fear of not finding another one
again. Then for the next few months, all the low cost, great condition
units start becoming available.

Jeff Salzman

>>This is a tried and true technique (for me, anyway) for getting stuff you
>>want. Those teaser bits are what I call *bait*. I like to think that buying
>>part of something acts as bait for the rest of it. Frinstance, before I had
>>a Kaypro, I found a padded blue nylon cover for one at a garage sale for
>>two bucks. Of course, I bought it. Sure enough, a few weeks later a Kaypro
>>turned up at another garage sale. Maybe this is too metaphysical for common
>>sense, but it works for me. On the practical side, buying part of something
>>means that you can take advantage of a cheap price when you find the rest
>>of it that's missing the bit you have.
>>Of course, it requires a lot of storage space for all the useless junk you
>>think might come in handy someday...
>Same thing held very true for me: find a piece of something and the rest
>will turn up later. I've got a _lot_ of pieces of electronic gear but not
>that many complete systems/units. Oh well.
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