toshiba T3100/20 20mb RLL HDD

From: Uncle Roger <>
Date: Wed Jul 29 12:16:43 1998

At 11:53 AM 7/26/98 -0500, you wrote:
>ok, yet another Q for those of you out there who have run across these.
>anyone have a suggestion for where i might come across a ~20mb RLL
>drive? 3.5" size, don't have the model #'s on me at the moment although

What you're looking for is:

3.5" 20MB Hard Disk Drive (T3100/20)
    JVC : JD3824ROTO
    Number of heads: 4
    Number of cylinders: 612
    Average access time: 78ms
    Recording method: 2-7 RLL
    TEST/TEST3 setup type: 2

Dunno where to find one, though, other than another T3100/20. (And no, you
can't have mine!)

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