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Date: Wed Jul 29 20:27:09 1998

>> My teasers cost me more money in the long run. I keep looking for
>> something in great condition and end up spending a little extra for the
>> first one I find in any condition for fear of not finding another one
>> again. Then for the next few months, all the low cost, great condition
>> units start becoming available.
>Been there, seen that!
>My first PDP11 came as just the bare CPU + RK11-C controller. No drives
>or I/O cards. I spent a lot of money (relatively) on my first RX02, RK05
>and some cards. 1 month later, people were giving me the things !
>Still, I'd be kicking myself if I didn't get that first unit and none
>tunred up later, and that's happened to me as well. The unit I saw and
>bought in not too good condition is the only one I've ever seen.

I've a theory on this. In some cases I believe that the initial outlay is
essential. Think of it as planting a seed. You've got to plant the seed
for it to grow. Likewise you've got to by the initial non-functional VAX
or PDP for the pieces to start turning up and falling into place, often at
much better prices.

At least this is how it worked with my VAXen, as a result of getting the VS
II/RC which didn't work, I was looking at a junk sale for parts. I ended
up getting a functional MV2 and a LOT of parts from one of the other guys
at the sale a few days latter for a lot less than the VS II/RC. The same
junk sale provided me with my PDP-11's, which I've slowly been adding to,
and now have one of operational and souped up thanks to additional finds.


>> Jeff Salzman
>> jeff_at_zymurgy.net

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