Arrrgh! Compaq (off topic)

From: Ward Donald Griffiths III <>
Date: Wed Jul 29 23:28:50 1998

Tim Shoppa wrote:
> > I was shocked at $175 (or was that $75) tag for LTE 386s/20 keyboard
> > replacement nearly 3 years ago.
> That price may be very much on the high side, but at least the spares
> are available and they are capable of tracking them down and selling
> them to you. With many high tech companies effectively changing their
> entire staff every couple of years, sometimes you're lucky to find
> someone who even remembers that the product line once existed.

That was true even back in my Tandy days, but for some reason the
instructors and customer support reps hung around while watching
generations of salesthings and managers come and go. But there was
a serious turnover when the company went entirely PC compatible.
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