Another TK50z Question

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Thu Jul 30 00:23:23 1998

>I've picked up a TK50z-ga (TK50 in a box with a SCSI bridge card
>recently. The scsi controller in my *c does see it, but the board/drive
>doesn't return any id when probed. What I'd like to do is pull the TK50
>and put in a TK70 (for anonther system, not the 486).
>The question of the day is: Are the two drives interface compatible?

OK, by *c I'm guessing you mean PC, or to put it another way a PC running
some kind of Microsoft OS. If this is correct I'd say you are out of luck.
I seem to rememeber reading a few months back about someone having limited
success getting a PC running Linux to access one, but couldn't get it to
function properly. I believe the problem is with the way DEC designed the
SCSI bridge.

The TK50 and TK70 require separate controllers.

Now the question of the day is why you would want to waste them on a PC
when you could attach them to a nice VAX! :^)

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