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Date: Wed Jul 29 14:15:53 1998

At 09:09 PM 7/28/98 -0700, you wrote:
>How do you plan to digitize the recordings in the first place? I'd like
>to do that too, but soundcards are pretty lousy recording devices. I figure
>it's a fundamental problem to have audio equipment sitting on a computer
>bus. I'd really like to see an affordable external D/A/D box.

The Atari Falcon (while not quite 10 years, I think) had a built-in
Motorola DSP (56661?) in it for digitial recording. Dunno your definition
of "affordable," but they can be had for around $600. Just add a big SCSI

One thing, though, the DSP in the Falcon records at (iirc) 48mumblemumble
instead of the 44(?)mumblemumble used for CD's. (I forget what it's
measured in but the Falcon is off a little, so you have to do some
finagling to get it onto the CD or whatever. A little research in the
Atari newsgroups should take care of it.)

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