ps/2 m50z setup

From: Daniel E. Rector <>
Date: Thu Jul 30 01:06:02 1998

> Date: Wed, 29 Jul 1998 12:48:30 -0400
> From: (Allison J Parent)
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> Subject: RE: ps/2 m50z setup
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> Please reply offlist as this is not a true classic. Well maybe as the
> scanjet is!
> I'm trying to setup the HPscanjet on my ps/2 and of course the startup
> is complaining about the new interface. I have the refdisk for the ps/2
> but not the required setup disk for the scanject interface. Any
> suggestions?
> Until I crack this the system will not boot with the card in place
> unless, is there is a bypass procedure?
> Allison


It sounds like you need the .adf file for that particular piece of
hardware. Once the adapter definition is installed on your system
(think of it as a bios extension). Things should boot okay then.

Try NCRs site:

They have .adf files for all kinds of stuff.

Another decent PS/2 site with all sorts of general info is:

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