Old computer promotional video's

From: Lawrence Walker <lwalker_at_mail.interlog.com>
Date: Wed Jul 29 09:23:53 1998

On 30 Jul 98 at 2:05, cdrmool_at_interlog.com wrote:

> I have recently come across a couple of video's at a thrift shop that were
> fun to watch. One was called "In business with Macintosh" which was
> probably from the early 90's and the other was an IBM video of a
> conference in which they present OOT. Neither are "classic" in their
> subject matter, but I was wondering if anyone has any that are. I would
> thrilled beyond belief to see a promo video for "Lisa". I'm sure
> they must have considering their efforts to sell the thing. Anything old
> would be a hoot. IBM must have put out tons of stuff.
> Colan
 Good to see you aboard. There's a neat 8580 tutorial on the IBM BBS
called Explore. Can't recall the exact filename but it is in the same directory
as the PS/2 reference disks. It's really well done.

ciao larry
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