Help! Grid 1535 EXP

From: Joe <>
Date: Thu Jul 30 14:42:18 1998

I tried removing the hard drive and connecting it to a PC in order to
reload everything as Doug sugested. The drive is a Conner CP-3044 (2 heads
1047 cylinders, 42 Mb IDE). MS-DOS chokes on anything over 1024 cylinders
so I tried to run it on the PC with the cylinders set at 1024 and 1047 but
the system said "Drive 0: initialization failure" every time. Does anyone
know what drive geometry the Grid uses? I don't *think* the drive is
actually bad since I got past this point with the drive installed in the
Grid. Will the Grids boot from the external floppy drive? If so, does
anyone have one that I can borrow long enough to reload DOS and FastLynx?

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