Help! Grid 1535 EXP

From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Thu Jul 30 17:53:16 1998

Marvin wrote:

> Joe wrote:
> >
> > I tried removing the hard drive and connecting it to a PC in order to
> > reload everything as Doug sugested. The drive is a Conner CP-3044 (2
> > heads
> Some Conner drives have a built in translation table, and I think that
> includes the 3044. On a PC, a type 17 (40 MB, can't remember the
> details) is usually the type that was used with the 40 MB drives. I
> don't have it handy now, but Conner also has/had the data sheets on most
> of their drives online, and will include the appropriate translations
> that can be used with the drive.

I've already posted the translated parameter, must have crossed in the mail.
Conner is owned by Seagate now and all Seagate and Conner spec sheets can be
found at

Nice bookmark to have for those that get lots of drives to test and need
instant jumper and parameter info.

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