Near disaster and questions on finds

From: Max Eskin <>
Date: Thu Jul 30 19:29:42 1998

Of course, you might as well buy pipe and strong wood from home depot,
drill the appropriate holes, and insert bolts in strategic locations.
That gorilla rack will probably cost more.
>The best computer shelves I've found were sold in the SF bay area at
>supply hardware. The brand name was "Gorilla Rack". They're heavy,
and you
>need a hammer to put them together but the shelf supports are about 14
>guage steel angle 2 1/2 inches by an inch quarter inch pressboard on
>The whole assembly weighs 50 or 60 pounds unloaded, but I've got a pc,
>it's monitor, a scanner, a laser printer, a box of cassette tapes, and
a tv
>on the one I have. It still has room and shows no signs of strain.
>I've seen these at Home Depot under another name.
>Jim Strickland
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