Rare Tandy 1400???

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> > Or was some mistake made at the factory (they ran
> > out of V20 chips?) and an Intel chip was put in this one? Does anyone else
> > have a 1400 with an Intel 8088? It this computer possibly worth more than
> > the one with the V20 (I doubt it)?
> Part substitutions like this are very common, especially with very similar
> parts like the 8088 and V20. Sometimes manufacturers run into problems
> getting the chips they need, and often have to take far more drastic
> measures, like coming up with kludge boards, piggybacking parts, hacking
> up the traces, etc., just because vendor A is saying "12 weeks" and
> customer is saying "next week", all for a $4.00 part.
> William Donzelli
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In my opinion,

better replace that intel 8088 CPU for either 80C88 or V20, any Cmos
8088 cpu's if you can find one.

That is to keep power demand low and cooler, means cooler computer
and bit longer battery capacity.

Jason D.
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