Atari Joystick Connector

From: Salzman, Jeff <>
Date: Fri Jul 31 09:15:26 1998

Digi-Key has them.

Part number: A2096-ND

Go to and do a Part Search for the above part
number. Just make sure the mount spacing between the connector back edge
and the solder pins on the Atari port is the same as in the Digi-Key
specs. Anything different could cost a lot more for a replacement
connector with a non-standard mount spacing. The sample PDF page of the
catalog entry is available online. Pictures and details of the part are
available there. You need Acrobat reader to view the catalog page.

Jeff Salzman

>prefer a broken one as ripping up a working machine is just wrong. All I
>really need is a player1 Joystick port, and I haven't had any luck finding
>a 90-degree DB9 port...
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