Dead keys on C64

From: Jason Willgruber <>
Date: Fri Jul 31 09:30:31 1998

> > Problem: I just noticed the C64 seems to have these dead keys '5,
7, 9,
> > and 0'. Looks to me like a dead bit on the keyboard controller, but I
> > confess to ignorance on the internal details of how the C64 accepts key

> > presses. Can anyone give an overview, and would anyone know of a fix?

How long was the C64 sitting in the basement? It could be that the key
contacts are corroded. It happened to me once on a TRS-80. The key
wouldn't type, but if I'd pound on it for a while, it would type, but then
keep typing until I pounded it again. I took the keyboard apart, took the
cap off of the key, and then cleaned the contacts with alcohol. It worked
fine after that. It doesn't sound like it would be bad, since if something
was dead, probably the whole top line wouldn't work - or at least more than
4 keys.

GooD LucK,
Received on Fri Jul 31 1998 - 09:30:31 BST

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