Near disaster and questions on finds

From: Jason Willgruber <>
Date: Fri Jul 31 10:28:58 1998

Here's how I store my "stuff": I keep my collection in my basement, so I
have made shelves out of cement blocks and 2x4's (like the outdoor flower
displays at WalMart), and then I put 1/2" plywood on top of the 2x4's and
screw it down with drywall screws.
If you feel that you need extra strength, you can lay the 2x4's on edge,
and then screw the plywood on. Yes, this method may be a bit heavy, but
how often are you going to move them?

> From: Charles E. Fox <>
> To: Discussion re-collecting of classic computers
> Subject: Re: Near disaster and questions on finds
> Date: Friday, July 31, 1998 8:34 AM
> At 04:25 PM 7/29/98 -0700, you wrote:
> >The other day I was mucking around in the room I store most (some,
> >according to my girlfriend 8^) of my collection, and all of a sudden one
> >the shelves holding a bunch of Toshibas, collapsed. Luckily, I was
> >and was able to keep them from crashing to the floor, but still...
> >
> >Upon closer inspection, it looks like the shelf with (some of) the
> >is about ready to go as well. These are those metal shelves you get at
> >Target for $8 on sale.
> >
> >So, I guess my question is, how to others store their collection? Keep
> >mind that I'm in San Francisco, and that Earthquakes are an issue.
> >
> >
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