old modems & a packet switcher

From: Bill Yakowenko <yakowenk_at_cs.unc.edu>
Date: Fri Jul 31 15:30:11 1998

Okay, I've now given up hope that those old modems will ever be
at all useful or interesting to me. So they're up for grabs,
for the cost of postage.

There are two BellSouth 212A's, and two similar modems by Penril.
None respond to the Hayes "AT" command set, and each has a handful
of pushbutton switches on the front, as per my previous post.
Power supplies are all internal; they each have an ordinary 120v
line cord. The consensus seems to be that they need some associated
equipment to do the dialing. Because of this, I have no idea if
they work or not. They are each maybe 1' x 1' x 2", but not very
heavy. (That size is an estimate from memory, and might be off by
a bit).

I doubt they are useful in any modern setup, but they might be
regarded as classics. If nobody here wants them, they return to
the dumpster from which they came. My apartment now has negative
space available, if you know what I mean.

Similarly, I've got a Sytek 2532 Packet Communications Unit, with
about half a dozen boards in it. This is a rack-mount beastie, and
weighs like it, so it could be expensive to ship. Still, if you
want it, or any of the boards from it, let me know. Like the modems,
I have no way to test it, and no idea whether or not it works. But
I'd be thrilled to get it out of the trunk of my car. :-)

And maybe this is a good time to mention my "for trade" web page,
containing a list of compu-junk that needs a good home. It is at
this URL: http://www.cs.unc.edu/~yakowenk/classiccmp/fortrade.html

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