#%&*! This compaq is cursed! (ot)

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Date: Fri Jul 31 12:11:28 1998

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> OK, this isn't even funny anymore. I replaced the keyboard, and the
> thing works fine. The problem is that the cable leading to the
> display was damaged, and the backlight ceased to work. So, I decided
> to bypass the cable (only one trace). This was fine, but I tried to
> solder the wire I was using directly to a pin of the surface-mounted
> ribbon cable connector (the output, that connects to the circuit
> board inside the display panel). Of course, i bridged four of the
> pins. I have no desoldering tools of any kind, but I doubt it would
> help much. The solder got into little crevices between the pins and
> onto the circuit board itself. I guess this board is non-essential,
> but is there any way I could un-bridge this stuff?

Looks like you have to find a electronic supplier to buy some
high quality very narrow solder wick rosin braids. They come in
little UFO scaucer shaped flexiable reels that snaps together to make
stack of it. Cost? under $2 each usually. Don't bother Rat
Shock. I've been done there before and have the shirt to show.
Those soak up the molten solder like a rag sucking up water except
that you heat both braid and the solder at same time. Exhausted
braid is cut off and better idea to save those cuttings. They make
EXCELLENT high current, strong bridge wires for repairing cracked
wide or burnt off traces.

Other options;

Oh, I'm happy to get your notebook up and running if you could send
yours at your shipping cost to me and I ship it repaired back at
my expense and at no labour cost?

Otherwise you could unload the cursed notebook to anyone for $20?
Which I'm willing to pay.

Jason D.
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