Another TK50z Question

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Fri Jul 31 19:42:58 1998

>I just did it this way:
>Linux on PC, RT-11 on PDP-11/83's MFM disk, bare RL02, and kermit at both
>2.9BSD image on the PC.
>Kermit BSD image to RT11 harddisk.
>Make RT11 wite the image to the RL02.
>Viola. 2.9BSD. Now, I just need the Q-bus MUX that's supported...
>All I've got is a few DLV11Js and a DHV11.
>I also have something called a DQZ11 (Or maybe DZQ11?) but no cable kit...

It's much easier to have the Q-Bus RL02 controller in a MV2. Run VMS with
CMUIP, on the VAX and FTP the image from the Linux box to the VAX. Then
write the image to the RL02 pack.

Of course like you've I've no cab kit.

However, this doesn't solve the original problem of getting NetBSD onto a
TK50 tape :^)

BTW, what happened when you tried booting the 2.9BSD image? I tried
booting it on my /73 and it came up, but the console went all wierd on me.

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