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> I don't know if this is worthy of being a Classic Computer, yet (it's 8 yrs
> old), but here it goes:
> I have a PS/2 L40 sx laptop. It has 2MB onboard RAM, and a 60 MB HD. I
> was wondering if anyone had any expansion RAM, or knew where I could get
> some for a low price. It has "planar sockets". They look like standard
> 72-pin SIMM sockets, but Non-parity won't work, parity won't work, and not
> even PS/2 RAM works in it. I guess it needs a special type of RAM that was
> made by IBM especially for this computer.
> ANY information is appreciated!!!
> ThAnX,


Missed the boat completely, Go to the
and follow the links for that L40 memory hacking. It says:
"Selfmade memory modules for L40, TP350 and TP710T."
You can use the standard true parity 70ns or faster and have someone
setup the jumper pads as shown or you have the required soldering
skills and stuff to pull that off.

I had to do that for my compaq 4/33i, nec 386/33i and ibm
motherboard. Every one worked on those pair of generic true parity
simms I had resetted the jumpers to proper settings as shown.

That pair of simms I gotten was generic standard parity 70ns 4MB with
incorrect jumper setup on them! Cost? under $50 new for two.

Jason D.

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