Archive board

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Fri Jul 31 20:15:21 1998

 A while back there was a thread re an Archive board ID but I've been unable to
find it in my archives. It seemed at the time similiar to a card I have.
 It's an 8 bit card with a 25 pin F port and a 50 pin internal; it's got an FCC
ID # EAX6GP-SC400S which I haven't checked yet since most of the time
they're useless. Someone had written 102 A in marker pen.The most important
chip is one labelled Archive PT and at the bottom 8517A. It has an E-Prom
m5l2764k , another 64 pin chip has 4 numbers , the top one is R6511AQ and the
bottom one is 8439 (always had trouble identifying chips based on labelling).
It has IRQ stencilled jumpers 2-7 and 5 is jumpered. It has DRQ (DMA ?) 1,2,3
, DACK 1,2,-3 with 1 jumpered on 1 and 3(1), another set of 7 jumpers labelled
A3-A9. There are 5 LEDs labelled DS1-DS9. There's a couple of other jumpers and
the rest is mostly low powered Schotskys.
 Anyone with any idea on what this is ?

ciao larry
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