Another good week for museum

From: John R. Keys Jr. <>
Date: Sat May 2 16:24:58 1998

Well it's be a good week but a little costly. Here's a short list;

1. The Sound Source by Disney lets have sound without a sound card hooks to
printer port.
2. My second Mac Portable with case and manual, it works too!
3. Apple flat bed scanner model A9M0337
4. Zeos 386sx/20 powers up fine
5. 3M Whisper Writer 1000 teleprinter model 1482A
6. Hickok model 3301 digital multimeter
7. Heathkit utility voltmeter model 1M-17 042
8. Mac IIcx case with motherboard only had 8 1 meg simms in it (was free)
9. Fluke 901A Micro-system troubleshooter with manuals, service guides,
newsletter and the following test PODs Fluke Z80/aa, Fluke 8085, Fluke
68000, Fluke 9900, Fluke 6800, Fluke 6809/6809E,Fluke 8086, Fluke 8080
10. HP colorpro model 74445A has power brick, manuals, color pins
11. Several packs of Fluke Instrument Accessory parts
12. Dr. Dobb's Essential Hypertalk Handbook
13. Computer Device miniterm
14. Monroe Beta 326 Scientist with manual and case, tape unit with power
15. Commodore PC-10III with KB and mouse
16. Tandy 1000
17 Commodore 128D
18. AGI 1700C 386sx/16 not tested yet
19. NEC multisync II not tested yet
20. Tandy 1000TL/3 model 25-1603
21. Tandy 1000HX manual
22. IBM PS/2 model 60
23. PB Legend I model PB686
24. TI99/4A in box
25. Commodore mouse 1351
26. Tandy RGB monitor CM-5

Well that's the short list there were alot more items and books but that's
for anohter day. Keep Computing John
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