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From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Sun May 3 05:13:58 1998

On May 2, 22:20, Joe wrote:
> Yes, I tried that URL. It said that that webpage was not
> I don't know about Impris but Seagate just bought Conner (who had already
> bought Maynard, who had already bought Irwin.) There goes a lot of their
> competion!

> >Uh, did you try They have information on even their
> >oldest SCSI drives, Conner drives, and Imprimis too.

They also have an ftp site (, I think) which has all the
jumper info in text files. They also have zip files giving the info for
griups of drives, eg all the scsi drives, all mfm, etc. I use them so
often that I always have a reasonably up-to-date version on my server.
 BTW, I find seagate's site and similar sites much more useful than TheRef.

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