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From: Lawrence Walker <lwalker_at_mail.interlog.com>
Date: Sat May 2 10:52:23 1998

From: Lawrence Walker <lwalker_at_interlog.com
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Subject: Re: Wang PC XC3-2
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Date: Sat, 2 May 1998 15:02:08

On 2 May 98 at 22:48, Sam Ismail wrote:

> Ok, what do you all know about the Wang PC XC3-2 circa 1984? I got one
> today. Unfortunately it was just the system itself with no documentation,
> but I did get some software. This one has a 5.25" disk drive and a
> half-height hard drive. I haven't dug into it yet so don't know many more
> details but from the labels on the interface cards on the back it has an
> IBM Monochrome emulator board among all the basic stuff (winchester disk
> controller, serial, parallel, etc.)
> Sam Alternate e-mail: dastar_at_siconic.com

  I posted on a trash find about 2 weeks ago on virtually the same machine,
with no response. Ditto on some newsgroups. That in itself is fascinating.The
one I have is a PC-S3-2. The only info I was able to find on Wang's venture
into the world of MS-DOS was on the Wang users bbs and this was pretty slim.
They call it a "classic" Wang, (Apple anyone ?) I was able to get a start-up
file from them but it seems to be an orphan like the Atari PC. There's quite a
few Wang CP/M enthusiasts sites but like the TRS m.2 little info on this beast.
even tho, like the TRS m.2, many were sold to the business community.
 Most likely quietly fed to dumpsters around the world since most small
businesses don't have garage sales. You were fortunate ( mind you didn't find
it in the garbage) to have some means of IO. Mine had the 2 winchesters
removed and nothing else. I find the MB interesting with its mix of Zilog,
Motorola and Intel chips. Old Wang was known for it's interesting innovations
and IIRC many of it's people went on to illustrious careers with other
companies , like the original DEC, Xerox, and Atari crews did. I don\t have the
URL for the WUG handy but it should be readily available thru a search. They're
a Brit group IIRC and I wasn't about to pay $35 for the privelage of joining
their discussions. Could you give me some info on the FDD's , KB , etc.

ciao larry
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