HDD died in a spectacular way

From: Jack Harper <jharper_at_bs2000.com>
Date: Mon May 4 08:51:40 1998

At 22:10 5/2/98 +0100, you wrote:
>> I recently bought a Maxtor IDE along with other HDDs at a hamfest. When I
>> got it home, I noticed that it "clunked". No response when I hooked it up,
>> so, I took it apart...
>> The head had gouged its way through the entire thickness of the platter;
>> remaining part of the platter was lying loose around the hub! It must have
>> made a horrible screeching sound for days (months?), but I guess no-one
>> noticed.

Some years ago (actually about 25 :) -- I saw the results of a head crash
on a CDC (mainframe) disk -- this thing had platters that were 5 or 6 feet
in diameter -- it was as you describe -- circular 'ditch' dug into the
medium with bits and pieces of head embedded here and there...


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