(Fwd) Re: Wang PC XC3-2

From: Don Maslin <donm_at_cts.com>
Date: Mon May 4 13:15:37 1998

On Sun, 3 May 1998, Sam Ismail wrote:

> On an unrelated note, today I picked up a very cool PC disk copying
> system. Its a small box, big enough to enclose two half-height 5.25"
> drives and a power supply and controller board. The front panel has three
> buttons: Start, Reset and AT/XT. I assume the AT/XT button allows you to
> select between double density and Quad/High(?) density disks. However,
> the button seems to be stuck. Basically you stick the original in the top
> drive and the blank in the bottom and hit start. It takes about 90
> seconds to do a complete copy. It does a track by track copy, reading the
> track from drive A and writing it to drive B. I'm not sure if it will
> copy copy-protected diskettes but I don't see any reason why not. It uses
> some Intel micro-controller on the controller board but I don't know which
> one as all the indentifying numbers have been scratched off for whatever
> reason. The rest is TTL logic.
> I made a copy of a 360K disk and it worked fine.
Sam, if you have the hardware at hand, try duplicating a non-DOS disk and
see if that works. I have an analogous box here whivh gags on anything
but standard DOS formats.
                                                 - don
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